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Foreword, by U.S. Senator and former Texas Attorney General John Cornyn

Preface, by Ernie Stromberger

Introduction, by Virginia Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth B. Lacy

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Riding Sharpstown to Victory

Chapter 2: Reforming Consumer Protections

Chapter 3: Cleaning up the Houston Ship Channel

Chapter 4: Beating the Bell Goliath

Chapter 5: Corralling Maverick Child Care Home Operators

Chapter 6: Attacking Corruption in Duval County

Chapter 7: Fighting California and Nevada for Howard Hughes's Estate Taxes

Chapter 8: Defending the Death Penalty

Chapter 9: Managing the Reform of Prisons and Youth Detention Schools

Staff Leadership in the Texas Attorney General's Office, 1973-78

Key Dates in the Life of John L. Hill, Jr.